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Our client offers the most advanced virtual reality experience in the world. Inside their VR rooms they take you on thrilling adventures and transform you into new characters. Since they launched in Hong Kong in 2017, they’re now live in 12 locations and 4 countries around the world and they are quickly expanding.

They are now looking for experienced Senior Animator (full time in Hong Kong or fully remote with ate least 3-4h of overlap)

As a Senior Animator your role is to produce high quality animations for their VR experiences. Your animations will improve the feeling of immersion our guests have when they are in VR. You will have the chance to own the entire animation pipeline, from concept to prototyping, keyframing, and finally delivering high quality animations throughout production.

Hands-on Animation – You are hands-on, working with the Lead Artist and the Creative Director to understand their vision and execute it with the animations you produce. You are an animator with experience in multiple facets of animation, and you love working on a mixture of both cinematic scripted animation sequences and gameplay animations.
Collaboration – You enjoy working closely with others to improve your animations and making sure they are right for the project. You understand how to work with Creative feedback and partner with the other members of your team to ensure you deliver the best possible player experience. You are always eager to suggest ideas for animations to make the virtual worlds and characters we produce more rich, fun, and immersive.
Versatility – You are someone who enjoys the challenge of working on multiple projects at once. Their projects may also have different animation styles, for example: one project could have a real-world setting, while another could be set in a cartoon universe. Therefore, you are confident in working across different animation styles and can prove your versatility with your skill-set and yourexperience.


  • Production Focused: You understand the importance of being familiar with game design and under deadlines so you can collaborate with producers to scope the animation needs for each project and deliver high quality animations on time and on budget.
  • Experienced: You have shipped a minimum of 3 high quality indie games or 2 AAA games and have been on at least one project from start to end. Ideally at least one of these titles will have been a VR game/experience.
  • Strong Aesthetically: You possess strong aesthetics of character animation, weight, and movement. You can create character motions through a blend of key-frame animation and motion capture.
  • Ability to take Ownership: You can provide animations during each phase of a project: from prototyping, to production, and then polished final assets. You always test your animations thoroughly in-game so you can ensure they look good for our players when they are experiencing them in VR.
  • Technically Proficient: You have strong expertise in Unity, Maya, and Motionbuilder. You possess a keen understanding of animation production pipelines for character animation, motion capture animation, and technical animation. You are experienced in rigging and can rig assets as required, you are comfortable with both animation rigs and physics rigs. You possess a strong understanding of the tools you use for animations and are always eager to investigate new tools, plug-ins, and production methods to push animation quality even higher.


  • You have a strong personal interest in VR technology. You understand trends in VR and monitor developments of VR You have a strong personal interest in VR and knowledge of industry trends and innovations.
  • If you’ve already had the chance to work on VR projects professionally or as a hobby, even better.
  • You are a passionate VR Gamer and/or VR Enthusiast.
  • You can show us an eye-popping demo reel of your work.

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