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Hi! We are One More Level – a still-growing team of over 40 people, both seasoned veterans and talented newcomers to the game development field. We create fast and action-packed games. Our last title – Ghostrunner – was well received, with over 91% positive reviews on Steam.

We want to create unique, bold and conceptually independent games that can challenge AAA productions in terms of audiovisual setting. We believe in team spirit, shared vision of our projects and transparency – every aspect of our work is based on these values.

We are looking for experienced people for our next projects: Ghostrunner 2 & Cyber Slash.

We are seeking a motivated candidate to fill the role of Writer/Narrative Designer!


  • Creating the game’s world: its setting, backstory, characters etc.,
  • Writing and iterating story variants in-line with the game’s gameplay and level structure,
  • Writing and implementing in-game dialog,
  • Creating additional text content such as item descriptions, text logs, tutorials etc.,
  • Preparing scripts for voice overs recording and working closely with voice actors,
  • Managing the game’s localization,
  • Working closely with the level designers to ensure the narrative supports the gameplay and vice versa,
  • Working closely with the animation team on creating in-game cutscenes,
  • Working closely with the concept artists in order to ensure the characters and locations’ designs match the story’s intended mood and themes.


  • Experience in a similar role (2 years minimum),
  • Excellent English writing and speaking skills,
  • Ability to write fun, engaging and natural sounding dialog,
  • Ability to come up with fresh and interesting ideas,
  • Flexibility and openness to feedback,
  • Strong communication skills.

Extra Points:

  • Experience with Unreal Engine (or at least working knowledge of it),
  • Ability to use Excel/Google Sheets formulas.

We Offer:

  • Stable and coherent project vision (no feature creeps),
  • The rule that the team and its members are the biggest value,
  • High transparencies at every level,
  • A contract of employment (or one that suits you best),
  • Remuneration appropriate to skills, experience, and potential,
  • Co-financed, and treated as workdays, participation in a selection of conferences and workshops,
  • Co-financing the Multisport card,
  • Private medical care,
  • Vacation subsidy.

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