Art in Games: 2D Graphics

Saturday, 18.11.2023 / 10 am. - 3 pm. /

Stationary classes / International Congress Centre / Katowice /


In fact, 2D graphics are not a thing of the past: on the contrary, the world of many games, mostly indies, adventures and platformers, is built on them.

It is this that will be the subject of our next Academy session. This time, the dragon's trail leads through Katowice, where, on 18 November, we will talk about techniques and tools for creating 2D graphics in games.

2D design is particularly popular in the indie game scene - an example is Dennaton Games' Hotline Miami, in which the use of 2D allowed the developers to refer to the style of retro games from the 1980s, becoming a recognisable element of the title. However, the technology is not being abandoned by large studios either, e.g. Ubisoft's Valiant Hearts: The Great War, an adventure set in the realities of the First World War, or Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros Deluxe, another instalment of platform games about the adventures of the Italian plumber.


  • International Congress Centre

Survival Guide for the Artist 2.0

  • #Katowice
  • #2D graphics

How to create cool stuff and not get burnt out in the games industry?
Andrzej Wysocki, Creative Director at Laki Studios, will talk about the important role of a good atmosphere at work and how to communicate.
Additionally, he will share his experience on how to efficiently create visually interesting and narrative-rich worlds.

  • International Congress Centre

The magic of Spine - moving images, 2.5D and how to use it in practice

  • #Katowice
  • #2D graphics

You’ll find out what Spine’s capabilities are, learn about good and bad practice and find out how simple it is to create animations for your own game.

  • International Congress Centre

Complete knowledge of the history, principles and styles of pixel art

  • #Katowice
  • #2D graphics

In this lecture you will discover everything there is to know about pixel art. The speaker has prepared a comprehensive story about this graphic style, which can provide a dose of valuable inspiration for your daily artistic work in the games industry.

  • International Congress Centre

Katowice - using game development in education

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  • #2D graphics

Dominik Koziarski, creator of Little Bit Academy, an experienced mentor who runs technology and game development workshops for children and young people, will talk about the education of young gamedev students – its importance and good practices.

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