CV consultation guide

Read our guide and take part in a consultation with HR experts in gamedev.

How to prepare?



  • Due to RODO rules, we do not forward CV/portfolio links to consultants before the interview. Please do not send any links in the form! Prepare your CV/portfolio in advance and only show it to the consultant during the interview!
  • Some experts specialize in selected areas of the video game industry. If this is the case, we always mention it next to his name, be aware of it.
  • Sometimes we invite experts from abroad. The language of communication will then be English, so your level of fluency in this language must be at least communicative.


Important things to remember:


  • Remember that consultations are about your time. Before meeting with an expert, think about how to make the best use of it, write down key questions.
  • Prepare a brief description of yourself so that the expert can gain the best possible understanding of you and your expectations.
  • In the current Academy cycle, some consultations are held online via the Zoom platform, and some are held stationary in selected cities. Check it out before the meeting.


Online consultation


  • Turn on the camera, set the nickname on Zoom to your name. Be punctual - the consultant may consider your lateness as cancellation of the meeting!
  • Test your Internet connection and equipment (camera and microphone) before the meeting.
  • When you click on the link on Zoom you will get to the main session. There, a person from the Digital Dragons team will assign you to a separate room where you can talk to an expert.