Digital Dragons Academy x 11 bit studios

Saturday, 16.03.2024 / 10 am. - 1 pm. /

Stationary classes / Brzeska 2 / Warsaw



Learn from the best how to create hit games! We would like to invite you to a unique meeting - Digital Dragons Academy x 11 bit studios - on 16 March.

This special edition of the series will take place at the headquarters of 11 bit studios, where famous games such as Frostpunk, This War of Mine or Anomaly Warzone Earth were created.

Remember, before venturing into gamedev, you need to come to the academy and hit a higher level! This time we will learn the secrets of animation programming, magical methods for conjuring up gameplay code and a vademecum of knowledge about copyright law.

See you there!

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  • Brzeska 2, Warsaw

Found not stolen. Legal risks and benefits of using free materials, tools and AI for your game

Testing available AI to help you with your work? Prompting Midjourney with a game script to make artwork? Or are you using a Creative Commons licence? Do these carry risks? How do you minimise them? Does it jeopardise your work – the game, the code? A lawyer will never answer all your questions, but they can help you make an informed decision.

  • Brzeska 2, Warsaw

Magicians Guild - gameplay developers

Programming is black magic to most mere mortals. People write some spell and suddenly something happens in the computer. With games, there is the need for constant communication and the ability to put out fires which is very different from business programming . …and makes it more interesting. I will try to give an overview of what gameplay programmers actually do and what it takes to join the ‘Mage Guild’.

  • Brzeska 2, Warsaw

Blendy bugs - or how to create a skeletal character locomotion from concept to stable implementation

“Go straight a few steps, throw in a right turn, a left turn, add an idle, a couple of blends iii…. that’s it! Well. Then who’s going to get on with it at their leisure?”. Do you know this scenario? If you’re not already familiar with it, there’s a good chance that sooner or later you’ll find yourself at the centre of such events when it comes to setting the game’s main character in motion. Creating locomotion is deceptively light, especially when you pick up a title you love from this angle. In practice, it’s a multi-iteration task that often annoys others along the way; especially looking at the seemingly ‘perpetually crooked’ transitions (blends) between poses, despite a fair amount of fixes thrown in. At the same time, it’s one of my favourite adventures, providing room for interesting experimentation and laced with dozens of fun bugs. As part of the presentation, I will suggest how to approach the design and implementation of locomotion in order to anticipate bug-blends at the earliest possible stage and to win friends among animators (recommended!).

CV consultation

For those of you who want to develop your career in gamedev, we have created an opportunity to consult with industry experts.

To participate, sign up with the consultant of your choice for a specific time.

It is advisable to read our CV consultation guide before the consultation.


Please note: You will need to purchase a class ticket to attend the onsite consultations.

Sonia Urbaniak

Junior HR Specialist / 11 bit studios

Paweł Kamiński

Recruitment & Employer Branding Specialist / 11 bit studios