Game Design: Level & Gameplay



Saturday, 17.02.2024 / 10.00 - 1.00 p.m. / Stationary classes / Wroclaw



Did you come across an overly difficult opponent who beat you with one hit? It wasn't an accident, but the result of a designer's decision that you should avoid visiting a particular location at this stage of the storyline. Have you ever wondered why?


If so, and you want to learn how to design creative levels and learn the secrets of creating engaging mechanics - sign up for the Game Design: Level & Gameplay class! This time the dragon trail leads us through Wrocław. We will see you already on 17 February 2024! 


Good level design can make players know and understand the possibilities the digital world offers them. An example is Super Mario Bros, which only needed a few seconds of gameplay to explain the controls. In Bioshock, on the other hand, the level design advanced the story, where their linear design in itself spoke to the scale of destruction of the world being visited. In Gears of War, the environment is an ally - thanks to the implementation of the cover system.

If you want to design games, you need to know how to communicate through their mechanical layer. At the meeting, we will talk about the ABCs of the designer's workshop - you will learn the secrets of balancing virtual locations, find out which ideas are worth implementing, as well as practical tips for preparing more square metres of virtual worlds.

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