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Saturday, 3.02.2024 / 10.00 - 1.00 p.m. /

Online classes / Zoom platform



Mobile games are your passion and you would like to become a designer specialising in the free-to-play model? Join the class - see you on 3rd February 2024 online on the Zoom platform.




In 2023 and now, it is safe to say that mobile games have captured the hearts of millions of gamers. Just look at the case of Candy Crush Saga, a simple puzzle game that has brought developers billions of dollars in pure profit. This happened because everyone has access to a phone and a simple 'clicker' can make a bus ride more interesting.

Mobile productions mostly have a low entry threshold and are simple to use. Simply install a 'free' game and enjoy a range of instant gratification, which attracts a casual audience. At the same time, this design of titles requires a special approach to their design. An important component is, for example, the implementation of micropayments, as most of these types of productions are offered in a free-to-play model.

During the Academy meeting, you will learn, among other things, what you should keep in mind when designing a mobile game, and you will be able to ask any question to experienced designers.


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CV consultations



For those of you who want to develop your career in gamedev, we have created an opportunity to consult with industry experts.

To participate, sign up with the consultant of your choice for a specific time.


It is advisable to read our CV consultation guide before the consultation.