Winner of the “Start-up Mine” competition of the Mayor of the City of Katowice Marcin Krupa.

He has been working in gamedev for more than fifteen years – on various projects, styles and platforms. Although he is associated with the pixel art scene, he does not like to limit himself and is constantly taking on new challenges.
By day, he manages a team of graphic designers, teaches at a university and in his spare time shares his knowledge on YouTube and Twitch.

She has been working in the games industry for six years, starting with concept art and now specialising in animation. She occasionally gets involved in other projects, such as co-creating an anime-style music video for Daria Zawiałow. For years, she has participated in game jams with her band The Pretzels. Enthusiast of science fiction, space and books about the brain.

Creative director and owner of Laki Studios. Previously a concept artist specialising in RPG worldbuilding, cinematics and narration of virtual worlds.
In his career to date, he has worked on games such as The Thaumaturge, Divinity: Original Sin II, Seven: The Days Long Gone and other company projects: Fool’s Theory, Larian Studios and Games Workshop.

He is currently developing a studio producing small tactical games with charming audiovisual settings: Oaken, Sail and Haze.