He has more than 15 years’ experience in translation and interpreting and has spent more than a decade building his localisation organisation. His main goal at the moment is to maintain the current progress and strengthen his company’s position as a market leader in the localisation industry.

He specialises in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, team building, translation and proofreading, business development and editing and writing press articles.

Recruiter for 7 years, the last 3.5 years of which in gamedev. She deals primarily with technical roles, although she has sometimes worked on others. She works directly with clients who she helps to expand teams or build them from scratch, in many cases aligning their recruitment processes with market standards.

A gamedev enthusiast with a technical background and experience in producing, delivering and managing projects of varying scales. His career has spanned a variety of roles from hobbyist indie dev to specialised roles like QA, Code DevQA Lead and Technical Producer. An advocate of Agile methodologies. Currently working at 11 bit studios as a Senior Producer, where he implements best practices to improve the production process. Outside of work, he shares his knowledge with the gamedev community, organises Unreal Engine Warsaw Meetups and hones his grilling skills